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Since this month in the life of CATAPHANT is all about the storefront glow up, I thought I'd post my very own G.U.

I'm not a bum, but I'm definitely an essentialist. My fashion, hair, and make up decisions are all fueled by one thing: feeling bad ass and working as little as possible to accomplish this. This means a lot of leather jackets, fancy black sneakers, buying 72 versions of the same black shirt, and wrinkle-resistant fabrics because ironing shit is not how I want to spend my time. Shortly before my birthday in June, I wanted to upgrade my hair to something more mature that didn't require too much maintenance. Since I'm officially a SoCal resident (ignore the fact I've been here a year and still haven't been to the ocean) I went for a beachy balayage look that still kept my roots dark because my pale skin can't hold a tan for longer than a few days. I learned what the word "balayage" meant 20 minutes before getting it done. If you haven't heard of balayages yet, it's when you... just kidding everyone already knows what they are. It's just me, I'm late.

I call this look "beach goth." Enjoy my beautiful self.

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