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In 2017, I witnessed something violent when I lived in Chicago. I won't go into detail, because chances are if you're here you might be struggling with some kind of panic/anxiety as well and the last thing I want to do is trigger those symptoms. The thing I witnessed messed me up really bad, and I developed PTSD. It took a while to get diagnosed, and even longer to get connected with the right treatment. Once I did get the right treatment, my PTSD had jacked up my nervous system so bad that I had my first discernible manic episodes- PTSD literally triggered the Bipolar disorder that I had a genetic predisposition for. It sucked.

I made these pieces while in the throes of PTSD. I don't like to remember that season if I can't help it, because my life was destroyed by PTSD. It is incredibly debilitating.

What I do want to say about this series, is that PTSD is treatable. It takes about 6 months of intensive treatment, but it is absolutely treatable. There are certain therapy modalities that treat it- like EMDR and somatic therapy. If you have PTSD, look into treatment. It works, it really, really works.

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