The process of commissioning an art piece from me is very easy, intuitive, and flexible to your relationship with art. Whether you are an avid art collector with a very specific aesthetic in mind, easy going and ready for whatever I make, or you are new to the collection process and uncertain of the look you want, I am able to meet any of your art needs.

There are many different reasons clients choose to commission an art piece from me. Nearly all of them connect with my themes of mental wellness and the stories behind the process. Many are attracted to the mix of eco-friendly, sustainable made, and harvested materials used (all of my non-hand ground pigments are purchased from Others are seeking to commemorate an important season/person/or place in their life. Though my work is abstract, there is a method I use to capture these commemorations in a way that the intuition can feel through the piece. I do this by having clients answer a questionnaire of seemingly random questions (some about music, some about the type of flooring they have) that help me understand each client's aesthetic needs.




- Paintings take about 3-4 weeks to complete and often several weeks to dry because of the type of paint/medium I use.

- I do not create figurative, observational, or copy of another artist's style type of work. 
- Pieces are made on a wood panel with a cradle frame on the back. Work can be done on paper but is not recommended because of shipping fragility. 
- I will give frequent updates on progress to ask your opinion, if you'd like any changes. How many check ins there are is up to you.

- Because of the layered way the pieces are made, virtually any color or shape can be changed to your liking. I guarantee you will love your piece.

- If you have ANY further questions about the process, I am absolutely willing to answer anything with patience and kindness. Please feel free to email me at any time - cataphantmakes @ gmail . com.


- Before piece is started, I will work with you to create a customized payment & check in schedule as well as come up with a general design to your liking.

- After that, a contract will be sent for you to sign and date.

- Generally, half the payment is due at first check-in and the rest due when it is complete. Other payment plans are available, but all $$ must be received before painting is delivered.

- Invoices are sent through PayPal.

- Prices are currently and firmly set at $2 per square inch. There are no discounts given.

Refunds & Returns 

Payments are non-refundable and paintings are non-returnable. If you are uncertain of your budget, please wait to commission a piece. Check-ins are there to ensure that you are satisfied with your painting and have ample opportunity to give input and direction. I will gladly work with you to create your painting to the fullest satisfaction as well as payment plans.


For customers that are not local, shipping options are available. Shipping can cost anywhere between $45-80 depending on size and weight. 

FedEx ground ~4 days

Tracking number provided

Signature required


If you are interested in commissioning a painting or have any questions, please email me at cataphantmakes @