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When I brought up my project to Catalina (CATAPHANT) I was excited about the prospect of working with an actual artist. That’s no disrespect to designers out there that work with bands, it’s just that in my experience so many people that work with musician’s treat it too much like a business transaction and don’t really take the time to understand who you are as an artist. When you’ve been spending the better part of a year working on your music it’s important to not be misunderstood or taken in some direction that hi-jacks your original direction. Catalina has a real respect for other artists and a rare gift at being able to bring more out of your ideas. She took the time to listen through our music and then thoughtfully communicate back to me the themes of the record and even how she emotionally connected with them. With each color, image and direction that she proposed I had confidence knowing that we weren’t just on the same page, but that we were speaking a similar language. It was important to know that she cared about the project. She gave us a vision that far exceeded all the ideas we originally brought to the table. That’s what you need 100% of the time; somebody who is going to push you beyond your own creative boundaries, because we all have them. The only thing I would have done different is to have brought her earlier into the process when I was just beginning to write the songs. Catalina brought our project to life in a way we never could have and I can only imagine how much more depth could be added in the future by not waiting until the songs are done to have her visual and branding perspective. If you want the visual to be as compelling as the sound, I can’t think of anyone more imaginative and thoughtful than Catalina.
                                                                                                                                                         -Zach Bolen, Citizens

CATAPHANT holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and uses her extensive knowledge of art history & contemporary art to pull from various references when helping musicians develop their branding. Many successful musicians pull from contemporary art to give depth to their work. CATAPHANT’s rigorous art school background has given her the ability to recognize and understand the impacts of these collaborations and the importance of using contemporary art to stand out as a recording artist.

In addition to her visual arts background, CATAPHANT has six years experience in arts education, where she worked with students of various ages to find their unique visual languages. Because of this, she’s particularly skilled in helping musicians discover styles and aesthetics they connect to the most regardless of their knowledge of art, as well as language to express what their needs are. Her intuitive understanding of people and personable style makes this process easy and enjoyable, with the end goal of having the recording artist feel confident and authentically portrayed via their visual branding. The secondary goal is to save the artist time and money by helping them focus the needs of their visual branding as not to have to pay several different designers during the search for the right album visuals.

Lastly, CATAPHANT is a musician and songwriter herself, having written and co-produced two solo projects and contributed vocal arrangements for several artists. Not only does she know art, she knows music, which gives her a unique edge in connecting a project to visuals. An avid music listener and highly knowledgeable of a wide breadth of genres, CATAPHANT studied music history in school and uses her synesthetic connection between sound & color in her personal studio practice to create her own work.  




[ All services are ~$75/hr ]

    - Intro questions to who you are/what your project is
    - Description of my services and

    - 2 hrs of (on my own time) listening & assessing your past/current music as well as combing through your visual output (images, videos, concerts, website).
    - 1 hour+ discussion of band personalities/ how you engage with art/ the psychology of your project, and various other relevant topics.
    - 1/2 hour description of what direction I immediately see your visuals going with a short list of tasks for you to embark on.

    - 2-5 page visual representation of my art direction proposal to help guide your visual decision making.

  • FULL SERVICE ART DIRECTION $2000 (20-40 hrs)
    - I will be on hand to help make aesthetic decisions beyond initial consultation for all visual branding related tasks including but not limited to 1. Merchandise design 2. Music video shoots 3. Photo shoots 4. Album art selection 5. Clothing selection.
    - I will pull from my vast network of artists and designers to find the right collaborators for all things visual, including but not limited to set designers, photographers, graphic designers, visual artists, stylists, etc.

  • ALBUM ART CREATION $5000 (100/hr, 20-50 hrs)
    - After deep dive consultation, I will create a series of pieces including cover art, single artwork, and anything needed for album packaging that beautifully portrays the messaging of your project using my personal aesthetic.
    - My materials include collage, oil paint, acrylic, and a few others hand-made aesthetics. My work is ideal if you are looking for something more tactile and fine art focused.
    - Several different samples for each art piece needed, making the process flexible with a quick turn around.
    - I can either make all the art at once or create it along side you as you finish recording songs.
    - Payment is accepted in two installments, with my work beginning as soon as first deposit is received and final hi res images being delivered as soon as final payment is received. 


Thanks for submitting!

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